Global Communication Works implements comprehensive, fully integrated PR / advertising / online / social media plans to promote women’s health products. Each strategy is designed to build brand awareness and drive sales by communicating their benefits and raise awareness of products to select key audiences and stakeholders as well as the millions of women whose lives would be bettered with these solutions.

We partner with a high-profile professional group of women who have dedicated their professional lives to advancing women’s health and education. Theirs is the culmination of 180 years of work and experience in educating women at a grassroots, mainstream as well as a national level. The goal of our campaigns is that every woman in America will KNOW with confidence and conviction that they can be in control of their feminine health and no longer need to endure dyspareunia (painful sex,) incontinence, uncomfortable symptoms of menopause, live with infections and understand what they should and should not be doing when trying to conceive. And, so many other issues are brought to light in daily conversation, followed with real solutions.

We work as a part of our client’s team to accomplish our goals with effective message awareness dissemination, education and targeted communications.

Our group understands the over-the counter world as it relates to women’s health. We live it every single day. We have lived it for decades. Along with our experience and understanding of multi-channel solutions— we offer a lifetime of substantive relationships with national & local media, digital/social media expertise, paid integration and appropriate spokespeople. We will provide monthly reports and media metrics that can be used in promotion, publicity and advertising and national news.