Media & Presentation Skills Training

Learning to develop a favorable impression in your first four sentences is critical for success, whether giving a phone interview for radio or print media or an on–camera interview. Practice creating and sustaining focus; determining which parts of the presentation you want media/ viewers to retain, and organizing your message in a way that assures they do; varying tone and pace; creating partnerships with your listeners; understanding verbal transitions; using action-oriented language; dealing with the hostile or surprise questioner; effectively maintaining eye contact, and ensuring that your beginnings grab attention and your endings give the interview the sound bite that will be remembered and actually used. Strategies will be given to maintain control of the conversation while building rapport with your interviewer; recognizing and avoiding “danger zones;” managing the irate caller; overcoming objections, and using phrases that motivate and words that affirm, respond and create concrete visuals in the mind of the listener for retention and recognition.