Students Access Higher Education as GATE College System Launches Innovative Digital Platform

26 Ivy-League level educators introduce first holistic, comprehensive college admissions program

LOS ANGELES – U.S. colleges have seen a 108% increase in applicants over the past 15-years, while acceptance to highly selective colleges has dropped by 15% during the same time period. With millions of families baffled by the increasingly complex landscape of navigating competitive applications, GATE College System (GATE) is proud to announce the first holistic, comprehensive college admissions system. Offered digitally, GATE provides step-by-step instruction designed by twenty-six Ivy-League level educators on a mission to equalize access for students everywhere, regardless of their socioeconomic level.

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Expanding The VR Experience: Naughty America Brings Immersive Adult VR to E3 Expo

LOS ANGELES – Naughty America, a major adult film studio and one of the most-visited adult networks on the web, will be in Los Angeles at this year’s E3 Expo (June 14-16) showcasing and demonstrating how VR is revolutionizing the world of adult media. Naughty America is one of the first studios to fully embrace virtual reality (VR) as the most immersive format for adult entertainment.

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carafem Abortion Clinic Fights Censorship with Crowdfunding Campaign to Advertise Abortion and Birth Control in Atlanta

ATLANTA – In an effort to increase awareness of a new medical office opening in Atlanta and in response to previous attempts to censor their bold and unapologetic birth control and abortion care ads, carafem, a women’s health care provider, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to generate public support for its abortion-related advertising in Atlanta.

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Legacy US Airways Pilots Challenge the Legality of a Present Arbitration; Sue Over Failed Union Representation and a Breach of Contract by American Airlines According to The Boyd Law Group

NEW YORK– Eleven Legacy US Airways pilots (LUS Pilots) are serving as lead plaintiffs in a Federal lawsuit and have commenced a solicitation campaign to support an action against the Allied Pilots Association (APA); East Pilots Seniority Integration Committee; US Airways, Inc., American Airlines, Inc.; U.S. Airline Pilots Association; and USAPA Merger Committee. Details can be found at The lawsuit alleges that a current arbitration over seniority rights is being conducted unlawfully, that union leadership is breaching its duty of fair representation obligations to members, including stripping 63 LUS pilots furloughed in the aftermath of 9/11 of their contractually earned seniority credits, and disregarding negotiated agreements.

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Give Your Mother a Little Box of Love

Three Daughters and Mom Unveil New Gift Idea: “Mother’s Day shouldn’t be just one day out of the year”

Orlando– The latest retail trend, Little Lace Box™ subscription service offers a unique gift option just in time to surprise your mom, your wife, or your grandmother all year long by sending them the hottest, newest, and most coveted designer items on the market today.

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Abortion Clinic Announces Atlanta Opening with Unapologetic Billboards

carafem opens in Atlanta, providing birth control and abortion care

ATLANTA – carafem has opened a state-of-the-art health center in Atlanta. The clinic, which provides a variety of birth control and early abortion care options, opened its doors today to serve the greater Atlanta area. carafem is known for its high-touch services and edgy advertising and is focused on providing a positive client-centered experience. To celebrate the new center, carafem recently launched pink, eye-catching billboards on seven major thoroughfares across the city of Atlanta.

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