Couples Surprising Secrets and Tips to Reignite Relationships

By Dr. Pepper Schwartz PhD., AARP Love and Relationship Ambassador, Professor of Sociology, University of Washington and co-author of Getaway Guide to the Great Sex Weekend  and Places for Passion, The 75 Most Romantic Destinations in the World And Why Every Couple Needs to Get Away

Many couples are reshaping their relationships and igniting their love life. Its important for couples to get out of the doldrums and rekindle that long-term marriage or new relationship spark every day. Sometimes your love life needs a jumpstart to revive the excitement when intimacy gets squelched by tedious daily routines and fatigue.

Make a date, be playful and sexy and set a new tone for your relations, ensuring the sexual psyche is always fulfilled. There’s a serious need for more sexual variety in relationships– a large number of men and women would like to play out their fantasies if they had the nerve to suggest it to their partner. Couples clearly tell us that they want more passion in their relationship.

Get away from the house, the kids and the to-do list. Our books include lots of close-by weekend getaway places all over the U.S. and provide helpful hints on amenities to look for, like double shower heads, oversized soaking tubs and sensual massages. Pack a massage candle, a sexy book, porn, chocolates, a sex toy, like Revel or a Trojan vibrator, from the local drugstore, and stop by the gourmet grocer for yummy finger foods and your favorite wine or champagne on the way.

Ladies, remember, sexier days can taper off as we age and have less natural lubrication. Feminine dryness or anticipating painful sex can ruin the moment, so don’t forget to use non-hormonal Replens, a vaginal moisturizer for comfort and pack Replens Silky Smooth silicone lube or Pink to be used just prior to sex to make intercourse slippery and reduce the chances of abrasion. Plus, the slick feeling is erotic, so it’s a win-win solution.

“What a delicious idea. Rip the list of weekend chores off the refrigerator. Let the grass go un-mowed. Throw this book into your overnight bag along with some of the recommended toys, and go…and your love life will benefit for years to come,” says Playboy.

“A sexy 48-hour guide designed for lovers hoping to rediscover the magic of each other all over again, says The Sunday New York Post.

Couples can have a passionate and fulfilling sex life and a sensational date nights—as long as they work at it, communicate their needs, use whatever medical and other products their bodies need. Have fun and enjoy each other.