Lauren Streicher, M.D. Divulges Top Women’s Health Trends to Achieve Optimal Sexual Health, Fertility and Pleasure

With a commitment to helping women best understand their optimal health and changing bodies from pregnancy to menopause, Lauren Streicher, M.D. offers the following emerging trends outlook.

From vaginal steaming to jade eggs, to women being advised that it’s safe to ‘glitter bomb’ their vaginas- it’s safe to say that there are a few trends that we should leave behind. Fortunately, days of embarrassing, taboo topics are becoming a thing of the past and women are now seeking real answers and the latest solutions to their everyday and sometimes recurring health issues from painful sex, arousal and orgasm challenges to dealing with infection, STD’s, PAP smears, pregnancy, and hormone therapy. Below is a snapshot of trends on the horizon for women’s sexual and reproductive health:

  • An increase in ‘pharma’ for women’s sexual health. Non-hormonal prescription meds to treat painful sex and address decreased sexual desire are gaining traction.
  • Expansion of sexual health clinics in universities across the U.S. Women now have access to female sexual medicine clinics at universities from Northwestern to Stanford that offer treatment for low libido, decreased genital arousal, difficulty or inability to reach orgasm, and painful sex.
  • Growing market of vaginal ‘cleansing’ products, scented wipes, etc. are not necessary to maintain vaginal health and can exacerbate an imbalance. Don’t just mask the odor, make sure to address the root cause by checking with your medical provider or, try RepHresh to rebalance pH to a normal range and eliminate odor.
  • First Response’s Digital Ovulation test helps TTC couples predict peak fertility days and the new Triple Check Pregnancy Test Kit, offers three tests, each over 99% accurate, in one box.
  • Probiotics for vaginal health taken daily, keep yeast and bacteria balanced. Make sure to use a vaginal probiotic like Pro-B, rather than one for digestion or immunity. Look for the vaginal strains of lactobacillus (flora), L. rhamnosus GR-1™ and L. reuteri RC-14™ before buying.   
  • New guidelines on estrogen therapy: The latest study released by The North American Menopause Society confirms the safety and efficacy of vaginal estrogen for treating menopause-related symptoms.  Hormone therapy provides dramatic relief for the most troublesome menopausal symptoms.
  • Intensity is a sexual health and stimulation device designed to exercise the pelvic floor muscles, improve sexual function and restore orgasmic intensity. Dr. Kegel had a great idea, Intensity makes it work.


Lauren Streicher, M.D., Medical Director of the Center for Sexual Health and Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University.