National Fish Wildlife Foundation

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Shell made $5 Million Pledge for Marine Conservation Projects in Gulf of Mexico.

Global Communication Works assisted in obtaining media coverage and designing collateral materials for the $5 million through the Shell Oil Company Foundation to the NFWF to create a conservation fund called the Shell Marine Habitat Program to enhance fish, wildlife and habitat in the Gulf of Mexico.

Designed to further understanding of the dynamics between estuaries, oceans, and man’s use of them, the Shell Marine Habitat Program brings much-needed resources to the challenges faced by natural resources and the ecosystems that support them in the Gulf of Mexico. The program is expected to fund Gulf Coast marine research, habitat protection, and environmental education projects. Specific areas for potential funding include barrier island protection, coral reefs, exotic species, hypoxia, marine debris, red and brown tides, redfish and other key species, reduction in non-point source pollution, rigs to reefs, wetlands and other key habitat preservation.

As NFWF awards were granted, GCW wrote and pitched stories to local media to illustrate the need and help the funds provide to gulf coast communities.