Global Communication Works developed a media campaign to target Energy, Oil & Gas and B2B clientele for Houston-based multimedia and interactive application firm, FuelFX. With advancements in technology and augmented reality which enhances the viewer’s current perception of reality by seamlessly integrating 3D objects, sounds, and information with the surrounding environment GCW identified key targets media to insure appropriate exposure for industry leaders and overall project acceptations.  In order to insert our message, the proprietary applications had to define extremely detailed information and impress Fortune 100-500 companies who would need to adopt a new side of technology in an industry which is slow to accept “new” working habits. GCW mission was positioned to identify the following objectives to relay possible solutions to common issues in the media and outline strict capabilities that would lead to successful programs.

  • A refinery can be made “intelligent,” allowing visitors to look at a tank and access real-time information such as temperature, pressure, fluid capacity and location, and learn safety precautions.
  • A new offshore rig design can be shown as a portable table-top model, complete with support vessels and a deployment animation.
  • In any exploration or production operation, a virtual guide can walk viewers through safety procedures, pointing out dangerous areas and showing what protective equipment to wear.
  • Manufacturers of drilling and downhole tools can see inside a tool, and show how the internal components of their equipment work.
  • Crisis managers can access digital facility models linked to real-time safety and security software to better plan and mobilize response.

Once expectations were met and visibility was reaching new heights the world’s largest oil, energy and high-tech companies—including BP, Dell and National Instruments etc were partnering with FuelFX to provide realistic visualizations and 3D computer-generated graphics.