he Shell Poll Campaign

The Shell Poll Campaign

Global Communications Works developed the concept of a quarterly public opinion poll sponsored by Shell Oil Company as an extension of the company’s “Count On Shell” public service corporate identity campaign, which provides driving safety tips and other useful information to consumers. By exploring important topics and fostering dialogue, the poll allows Shell to provide an important public service while building relationships with key constituents.

The poll campaign generated extensive media coverage at both the national and grassroots levels.

Shell launched its first global corporate communications campaign aimed at widening the debate among its stakeholders about how it does business around the world.

At the heart of the initiative is the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies’ commitment to sustainable development – balancing the need for creating profits with care for the environment and responsibility for the people and communities it affects.

Key elements are an international, issues-based advertising campaign; a direct mailing program to opinion leaders; banner advertisements on selected Internet websites; a series of stakeholder forums to discuss the issues face-to-face and the publication of the Group’s second report on social accountability.

The advertisements focus on critical issues facing the Group, from drilling in sensitive areas to meeting the demand for more environmentally friendly sources of energy.

GCW prepared for an American audience, two television spots, and print ads entitled “Dreamer” and “Romantic”

Double truck print ads entitled “Wish Upon A Star” and “Exploit Or Explore” ran in publications like Across the Board, National Geographic, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest and Smithsonian.

In addition, we conducted research is to assess the effectiveness of Shell’s Global Brand Advertising campaign in the United States. The effectiveness research defined reaching target customers with information that was recalled, created awareness of the Shell brand, and whether the ad campaign promoted positive impressions of the Shell brand in consumers’ minds.