‘Put a Period After Your Period’ — The RepHresh Brand Addresses Feminine Odor and Discomfort Head On in New Ad Campaign

The maker of RepHresh Feminine Hygiene products has developed a new ad campaign, titled ‘Put a Period After Your Period,’ to help combat confusion women face when dealing with post-period issues and address solutions to eliminate odor and deliver lasting freshness after menstruation.

A recent global survey conducted by the International Women’s Health Coalition asked 90,000 women from 190 countries about their attitudes towards periods, finding that women worldwide are too embarrassed to discuss the topic or related issues. Women use over 5,000 euphemisms to refer to menstruation to avoid the actual word, “period,” including: ‘Aunt Flo,’ ‘Mother Nature,’ and ‘Time of the Month.’

“We are pleased that our new ads speak matter-of-factly to the realities many women face every day, but might be too embarrassed to discuss,” says Bruce Weiss, Vice President Marketing at Church & Dwight, Co., Inc. “We openly address challenges women share and provide information about how RepHresh solutions help target the root cause.”

Three new commercials use simple language to educate women about their period while tackling different post-period issues with one common theme, ’The thing about your period, it’s not over when it’s over.’ Messages include:

1. Odor can linger long after your period. A yeast product won’t resolve feminine odor, RepHresh Gel will. It goes to work in seconds to eliminate odor for up to 3-days.

2. Your period can throw vaginal flora and yeast off balance. Take RepHresh Pro-B every day, these probiotics are for your vagina, not your digestive tract.

3. Lingering bacteria can cause odor. RepHresh Wash cleanses it away. Keeping you fresh for 24-hours.

“We hope our campaign will help women understand they aren’t alone,” adds Weiss. “All women menstruate; and shouldn’t feel embarrassed about common problems when over-the-counter solutions can be found right at local mass and drug stores.”

Church and Dwight, Co., Inc. manufactures and markets a wide range of personal care, household and specialty products under the brand names ARM & HAMMER, FIRST RESPONSE and other well-known trademarks.

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