carafem Abortion Clinic Fights Censorship with Crowdfunding Campaign to Advertise Abortion and Birth Control in Atlanta

ATLANTA – In an effort to increase awareness of a new medical office opening in Atlanta and in response to previous attempts to censor their bold and unapologetic birth control and abortion care ads, carafem, a women’s health care provider, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to generate public support for its abortion-related advertising in Atlanta.

“Previously, attempts to censor our ads have failed when the public learned of these efforts to silence our message,” says Melissa Grant VP, carafem. “We’re proud to open a new health center that provides a caring and professional environment for women to seek healthcare options, including early abortion, and our ads are one way of letting the community know we are here.”

carafem first opened doors in the Washington, DC metro area in 2015 and announced their services through eye-catching hot pink advertisements that state ‘Abortion,’ Yeah We Do That.” The openness of these ad campaigns captures public attention, providing necessary information to women and couples when they need it most. Because of the stigmatized nature of the abortion conversation, the simple and direct message about carafem’s services may stand out to those less comfortable with the abortion as an option, even though 1 in 3 women in the US will have an abortion in their lifetime.

The proposed ad is simple and to the point, “Doors Open in Atlanta”, and a supporting #OpeningDoors social media campaign uses direct language to educate people about carafem’s services and new location.

“At a time when women are facing more and more barriers to abortion care, we’re pleased to be in Atlanta to help serve the community and provide a much-needed health service. By advertising through popular media outlets, we can let women know about birth control and abortion services in a way that normalizes and destigmatizes this sensitive topic,” adds Grant.

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carafem is dedicated to helping women and couples to seek their own best path about the timing and spacing of their children. For questions or to make an appointment carafem staff is available 24/7/365 by telephone or chat in English and in Spanish at carafem.org or 855-SAY CARA.