Abortion Clinic Announces Atlanta Opening with Unapologetic Billboards

carafem opens in Atlanta, providing birth control and abortion care

ATLANTA – carafem has opened a state-of-the-art health center in Atlanta. The clinic, which provides a variety of birth control and early abortion care options, opened its doors today to serve the greater Atlanta area. carafem is known for its high-touch services and edgy advertising and is focused on providing a positive client-centered experience. To celebrate the new center, carafem recently launched pink, eye-catching billboards on seven major thoroughfares across the city of Atlanta.

“We are very proud to be in Atlanta and to help serve the community here. We are here to provide family planning and early abortion care in a compassionate, highly professional, women-centric setting,” said Melissa Grant, Vice President. By advertising these services through mass media channels, Grant said that “we can talk about the services that women want in a way that both normalizes and destigmatizes. This is supported by our carafem website (www.carafem.org) and social media.”

carafem has been operating in Washington DC metro area since 2014 and received high rates of client satisfaction. In the first year of service, nearly 100% of clients surveyed said they would “recommend carafem to a friend”. Clients list the convenient hours, affordable prices ($400 for the abortion pill), and high-touch setting as reasons for their positive experience.

“We know it’s difficult to access health services in the South where women are facing more and more barriers to care,” said carafem president, Chris Purdy. carafem provides flexibility, including 24 hour appointment making, efficiencies that include little to no waiting time and a visit that lasts about 60 minutes, and allow women to be a part of their treatment process.

“Women here should have access to quality services, and be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion regardless of the nature of the services they are looking for,” said Grant.

Reproductive health care options in the South have been greatly limited in recent years due to targeted regulations against abortion providers that have resulted in multiple clinic closures. More than 200 abortion restrictions have been enacted since 2011, making it harder for women to have choices about where to receive care.

“We are opening our doors in Atlanta because all women deserve their choice of medical provider, and to receive care that is affordable, respectful and professional,” said Purdy. As more clinics close their doors due to political and social changes, we are seeing a lot more women forced to travel across the country for routine medical care. That is why carafem focuses so heavily on services that are provided with efficiency and focus on the client experience.”

For more information about the carafem Atlanta clinic, details on services, directions and address, please click here.

About carafem

carafem provides convenient, modern, and professional abortion care as well as customized birth control options so women can control the number and spacing of their children. carafem is changing the environment of abortion care by making our services and information accessible, understandable, and supportive. carafem currently operates in Washington DC, and Atlanta, GA.