Stronvivo Announces New Nationwide Clinical Study

HOUSTON– Stronvivo, an all-natural, Informed-Choice certified nutritional supplement shown to improve the sexual functioning of men and women, will be conducting a series of nationwide clinical studies in concert with physicians and scientists with the intent of validating additional claims such as increased energy, improved alertness, and mood elevation.

“While our clinical results have been validated by thousands of patients and doctors, we’ve discovered that Stronvivo is being used by men and women not only to improve sexual functioning but also to relieve symptoms of depression and improve alertness,” says Ron Merrill, President. “Because medical experts have been recommending Stronvivo to their patients to help increase the health of blood vessels and improve circulation, we will be conducting new clinical studies to measure additional positive changes while continuing to gauge improvements in sexual function for men who suffer from Borderline Androgen Deficiency, also known as andropause or male menopause, that affects approximately half of all men from age 30-80.”

After testosterone and nitric oxide production peak at age 21, both decrease every year thereafter. By age 55, men and women produce less than 1/3 of nitric oxide resulting in a decrease in vitality, energy and endurance. Stronvivo reverses this decline by improving the health of the endothelium and boosting nitric oxide production. A proprietary formula of Nitric Oxide precursors has been shown to improve circulation, reduce platelet aggregation, and support healthy hormone levels in men and women.

Patients from past and current studies report feeling more alert, having more energy, feeling younger, sleeping better, feeling less stressed and less angry, and having meaningful increases in sexual desire, arousal, performance and functioning within 30 to 60 days of starting Stronvivo with many users reporting the gains much sooner. Some patients have reported benefits in heart health such as relief from high blood pressure and lowing of high cholesterol levels after taking Stronvivo for two years.

By increasing nitric oxide production, Stronvivo works in conjunction with and can increase the effects of PDE-5 inhibitors such as Viagra, Cialis, Stendra and Levitra. Additionally, Stronvivo is designed to increase testosterone levels by inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into estradiol and to counteract blood clotting risks by reducing platelet aggregation and adhesion. Because 54% of men who use testosterone gels, shots, patches and implants have blood clotting problems, Stronvivo is a perfect companion to testosterone replacement therapy.

Stronvivo plans to enroll at least 6000 men and women into the study, designed to further test the effectiveness and measurable life improvements received by Stronvivo users while targeting, mitigating or reversing many of the typical health changes that come with aging. People who would like to be considered for participation in the clinical study are invited to register at

“I am pleased to recommend Stronvivo to my patients, a natural choice when it comes to treating decreased sexual functioning,” says Urologist Laurence Levine, M.D. “For my patients who are suffering with Peyronie’s disease, I recommend that they take Stronvivo for at least 6 months so that they can benefit from the amino acids’ presumed anti-fibrotic qualities along with the libido and erection benefits. Many of my patients have experienced improvement in erections and libido, likely as a result of improved and spontaneous erections. I look forward to seeing the study results.”

Stronvivo manufactures its products in the USA in an FDA approved, cGMP and USDA certified facility using only USP Pharmaceutical Grade FDA validated ingredients.