Rain-X® Launches New 2016 National Advertising Campaign

HOUSTON– Rain-X® has recently launched a national advertising campaign with a new 30-second commercial featuring the new Rain-X® Latitude® Water Repellency wiper blades and Rain-X® Quantum® wiper blades.

The new ad focuses on the unique water repelling benefit these wipers provide by applying a Rain-X® water repelling coating directly to the windshield. As water beads up and flies away, drivers are left with superior visibility and are prepared for whatever comes their way. Throughout the campaign, Rain-X® will continue to air their current commercial highlighting the confidence and preparedness drivers have when using any Rain-X® products.

The new campaign will run through February 2016 on a broad mix of platforms.

  • National network and cable TV on highly rated sports and scripted programming
  • ESPN national TV sponsorship
  • College bowl game integrations, featuring in-game segments
  • Digital weather-triggered advertising on Weather.com and Accuweather.com
  • Online pre-roll advertising on video sites such as Hulu.com

Increasing an already strong national TV presence, Rain-X® commercials will air on networks such as ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, NFL Network, ESPN U, AMC, FX, Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and The Weather Channel. The new ESPN national TV sponsorship includes college bowl game integrations.

“During these Rain-X® “Preparing For” segments, on-air talent discusses what teams have done to prepare for the game. This is a great fit with our brand’s core belief in being prepared for whatever comes your way,” says Rain-X® Director of Marketing Harley Johnson. This sponsorship will run through the most popular, final weeks of the college football season, when over 200 million people (68% of the US population) watched games last year.1

Building on the success of previous digital efforts, Rain-X® will supplement the TV campaign with advertising on Weather.com and Accuweather.com. Ads will be weather-triggered, reaching drivers when they most need to prepare for the weather. The new Rain-X® commercial will also run on digital, including sites like Hulu.com, to reach a younger consumer set who may not watch traditional TV.

For more information, visit rainx.com.

1Source: Nielsen Media Research