Gumout® Performance Additives Has Launched a New Line of Bottles That Work in Capless Gas Tank Fillers

HOUSTON– Trends in the automotive industry to improve gas tank fillers have seen a 10% spike in growth in recent years and continue to rise. These fillers offer many benefits such as being tamper resistant and reducing gas fumes during fill up; however they often pose challenges to vehicle owners that want to use a fuel additive during their regularly scheduled maintenance. Most of the aftermarket products do not fit these new types of fillers. However, Gumout® Performance Additives is proud to introduce a universally compatible bottle that works with all traditional, capless, and obstructed gas tanks and is now available nationwide.

“Whether you drive a 15-year old car and want to clean your fuel system to pass the emissions test or you’ve just gotten a brand new sports car and want to maintain top power and performance, Gumout® is the answer,” said Sean Johnson, Brand Manager for Gumout®. “We continue to deliver superior quality performance additives for all vehicle engines on the road with trusted and reliable formulations and packaging that are well-suited for any year car, truck, make and model.”

Gumout® products have been proven in the lab, on the street and on the track using cutting edge technology that maximizes performance in any type of vehicle. Since 1945, Gumout® has been America’s most trusted performance additive brand, providing the highest quality products that consumers need to get the most out of every mile.

About Gumout:

Gumout® performance additives are scientifically formulated to clean, protect and enhance key engine and automotive parts. Proven to perform on the latest engine technology, like direct injectors and superchargers, Gumout® products are equally effective on older technology, like carburetors. Because when you put better science in, better performance and engine life come out. Visit for more information about the science behind better performance.