GNOSYS, FuelFX Seeking Partners to Spearhead E-Procedure Evolution

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–High-tech startup GNOSYS is beta testing its new end-to-end electronic (e-) procedure solution with “lighthouse clients,” and is inviting others to participate.

In a May 19 presentation announcing the breakthrough, GNOSYS CEO Oliver Diaz explained that there has been no technology that could fully replace the usability and dependability of print—until now.

By building on today’s digital culture, GNOSYS is increasing the speed and accuracy of procedures while making them easier to manage, deploy, and verify. E-procedures are broken into workflows that link to each other like webpages, while each step called a “GNODE” is connected by conditions that outline and govern individual actions.

These algorithmic e-procedures deliver objective, standardized content with tremendous potential to enhance quality control—especially for industries with longer onboarding processes or higher demands of precision. New staff are more quickly trained, while veterans avoid the complacency or missed steps often associated with a familiar routine.

GNOSYS also incorporates a computer vision to better understand its user’s environment, and overlay instruction on their surroundings using augmented reality.

“Procedures, especially technical ones, are a real pain,” said Diaz. “Our system makes it much easier to deploy the needed guidance, and ensure that it’s followed.”

Providing development and deployment support for this new endeavor is sister company and strategic partner FuelFX, Inc., a fellow Houston-based technology firm with a proven specialty in training and operation-enhancing software solutions.

FuelFX CEO Gavin McMillan believes his company’s collaboration with GNOSYS is happening in the right place, at the right time.

“GNOSYS is the perfect tool for helping our clients to maximize their personnel’s expertise and efficiency, and we’re excited to be part of this game-changing technology from the very beginning,” he said.

While the initial target industries are energy, high-tech, and medicine, the creative vision of access to an expanding resource of e-procedures has far-reaching implications in other applications including day-to-day living. GNOSYS is seeking additional partners for beta testing, and all interested organizations are welcome to apply.

GNOSYS is a Houston-based venture specializing in design and development of end-to-end e-procedure and experiential technology products that enable users to overcome operational challenges. For more information, visit

FuelFX, Inc. is a digital marketing, instructional design, and custom software development firm based in Houston that provides cutting-edge, strategic, imaginative communication solutions. For more information, visit