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Vitrification: New Egg Freezing Process for Controlled Fertility Defies ‘Biological Clock’ According to Colleen Wagner Coughlin, aParent IVF

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More and more women are considering vitrification – egg freezing – to take better control of their reproductive options. As a safe and reliable way to postpone pregnancy and pause the ticking of the biological clock, women can extend their fertility lifespan by freezing their eggs and storing them until the time is right.

“We encourage women to take control of their fertility in their 20’s or 30’s by freezing their eggs, so they have healthy eggs whenever they’re ready to conceive,” says Colleen Coughlin, laboratory director and founder, aParent IVF. The younger she is when she freezes her eggs, the healthier the eggs are and the better the chances are of having a healthy baby later on. The amazing thing is, she gets older, but her eggs don’t have to. Once frozen, the eggs are essentially suspended in time.”

Egg, or oocyte, freezing has been around for many years, but until recently it wasn’t as reliable and safe as it is now. A new technique called vitrification is a super-rapid cooling process that freezes the eggs with a substance that removes any excess water, preventing the potential for water damage from ice crystals that typically form during the older, slow-freeze/defrost processes. Approximately 75% to 80% of eggs survive the freezing and warming process. Pregnancy rates average around 45.8%.

“Remember to do your research to find the very best doctor and IVF laboratory, because the fertility process is a collaborative effort. The lab should be proven experts in caring for frozen eggs. Ask questions and get referrals from friends and ask your doctor directly what lab he/she uses. Find out how much experience they have with successful pregnancies and ask what process they use to freeze the eggs,” adds Coughlin. “Your fertility is one of your most precious possessions, so you want to know it’s always in good hands. Literally, at aParent IVF we hover over your frozen eggs, making sure they are safe every minute of every day. We don’t take shortcuts and we specialize in the most cutting-edge fertility procedures, like vitrification. Take control of your fertility – preserve your healthy eggs in your twenties or thirties and have your babywhen you are ready!

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