Back in the Saddle: Mid-Life Women Re-Entering the Dating World Can Challenge Sexual HealthAccording to Lauren Streicher, MD

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–6,000 Baby boomers are changing physically, emotionally and hormonally every day and approximately half of those women are single. Many of them are back on the dating scene after years of being off the market. And they may not have attempted intercourse for some time either because of a stale marriage, a drawn out divorce or, most likely, the fear of jumping back in.After all, the dating world is different than it used to be, and, more importantly, their bodies are different than theyused to be. Menopause Awareness Month is a perfect time for menopausal women to learn how to make their changing bodies work for them.

“Since sexual dysfunction affects more than 50% of post-menopausal women, those who find themselves back in the dating world again often avoid sex,” saysLauren Streicher, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University’s medical school and author ofLove Sex Again: A Gynecologist Fixes the Medical Issues That Are Sabotaging Your Sex Life. “It’s important they realize that they face different issues than younger women when it comes to the bedroom, but these issues can be fixed.”

Dr. Streicher shares 5 tips fromLove Sex Againfor safe—and pleasurable—post-menopause dating:

1. The age group in which STI rates are rising most rapidly is adults at midlife and beyond. In fact, women who are post-menopause are at particular risk since vaginal tissue is thinner and more likely to tear during intercourse, allowing infection an easy portal. The moral? Don’t skip the condom just because you’re no longer worried about pregnancy.

2. When estrogen levels decline in menopause, many women abandon sex because it can be terribly painful as a result of less natural lubrication, leading to dry, thin vaginal walls.Replensis an over-the-counter,vaginal moisturizer that lasts for up to 5 days to replenish moisture, making sex and comfort possible again. There are also a number of prescription products that are safe and effective solutions for painful, dry intercourse.

3. A good silicone lubricant likeReplens Silky Smoothmakes intercourse slippery for hours compared to water based lubes and can reduce the chances of abrasion. Plus,silicone is non-irritating and since it doesn’t break down in water, it is by far the best choice especially if you begin play in the sauna, tub, or shower.

4. When post-menopausal women have trouble achieving orgasm, the problem is often a weak pelvic floor. Pelvic floor strengthening with a pelvic physical therapist can do wonders for sexual response. And,Intensityis specifically designed to treat orgasmic dysfunction by giving women kegels with a kick, utilizing electrical muscle stimulation. And, theclitoral stimulator adds ultra-vibration.

5. Speaking of pelvic floors, this common weakness leads to another problem: incontinence. Nothing kills a woman’s libido faster than the fear that she’ll accidentally pee on her partner. Pelvic floor physical therapy orInTone, a new home pelvic floor strengthener, will treatincontinence without surgery or meds.

“So, while mid-life womenhave many physical, hormonal and medical challenges that can sabotage their sexual health,there are solutions so women can enjoy this stage of life,” adds Streicher.



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