Your Post-Menopause Solution Shopping List:Dr. Barb DePree’s Guide to Products that Keep Sex Both Possible and Pleasurable

DOUGLAS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nearly 40% of women in the U.S. are over 55, but being post-menopausalisn’t what it used to be. Aplethora of new information and productsmeans women can go beyonda comfortable lifeto a pleasurable one.Menopause does come with some negative side effects -from hot flashes to vaginal dryness. But Dr. Barb DePree, a practicing menopause-care specialist, notes that a variety of products -short of hormones or pharmaceuticals -can mitigate symptoms. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can combat symptoms like vaginal dryness with some online shopping at sites likeMiddlesexMD.comor a quick trip to alocal drugstore.

“The days when women stopped having sex because they’d reached a certain age are far behind us”

“Each woman has widely varying menopausal symptoms,” says Dr. Barb DePree. “For over 50% of women, loss of sexual function becomes a problem. Thankfully, this is one of those challenges that can often be helped with over-the-counter solutions.” How can women find the right products to bring sizzle back to their sex lives? Looking toward Menopause Awareness Month in September, here are a few solutions Dr. DePree suggests menopausal women look for:

1.Vaginalmoisturizersare an important way to address vaginal dryness. Used two to three times aweek as part of a maintenance program, these moisturizers actually nourish vaginal tissues.Estrogen freeReplens, for example, is a long-acting moisturizer proven in scientific studies to actually thicken vaginal walls, increase lubrication, and decrease painful intercourse. Theseare best started soon after menopause and not waiting until intercourse is uncomfortable.

2. Alubricantfor use at the time of intercourse will increase slipperiness, decrease discomfort, and enhance intimacy. Lubricants come in several varieties; many midlife women findsilicone lubricantslonger-lasting, less sticky, and more slippery than their water-based counterparts.

3.Vibratorsaren’t just for bachelorette parties. For midlife women, they can provide the additional stimulation needed to experience orgasm. And for couples looking for new ways to explore intimacy together, adding a vibrator can refocus attention on foreplay and fun.

4. The same hormonal changes of menopause that cause vaginal dryness can also contribute to discomfortand irritation on the vulva or outside of the vagina.Neogynis developed specifically for this external tissue; it’s a cream that soothes itching, burning, and pain. By promoting healing, it decreases pain in day-to-day life and during intercourse.

5. Vaginal odor, itching, or irritation could mean your vaginal pH is out of balance; this can happen for a variety of reasons but is often associated with menopause. Test it with a pH screening kit or get relief withRepHreshVaginal Gel to maintain a healthy vaginal pH.

6. Pelvic floor muscle strength affects not only continence but also orgasm strength. A variety of tools can help Kegel exercises focus on the right muscles. A new tool,Intensity, is a combination vibrator and pelvic floor exerciser. Scientifically designed to restore pelvic muscle tone, strength, and control with electrical stimulation while providing clitoral and G-spot stimulation mixes pleasure with business.

7. Mary Jo Rapini, a psychotherapist and relationship coach, reminds women that making lovebegins with the skin. To revive the art of lovemaking, wake upa sleepy libido by turning your skin on first. A fur mitt, body paint, and feather focus on touch, a part of lovemaking that is often skipped along the way.

8. If your doctor prescribes a clitoral pump for vacuum therapy, theEros Deviceacts as a suction directly over the clitoris to increase blood supply which inturn can increase lubrication, sensation, and sexual satisfaction.

9.Support pillowsenhance comfortable positions and provide a key to great intimacy. Ramp and wedge support pillows can be used alone or in combination to enhance your comfort and increase the options.

“The days when women stopped having sex because they’d reached a certain age are far behind us,” adds Depree. “With careful choice of the right products, women are enjoyinghealthy sex lives well into their 90s.”


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