Valentine’s Day is for Baby-Making

Dr. Janet Lever provides tips to include Pre-Seed for a romantic weekend get-away

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Valentine’s Day could bea baby-making day for some of the 11 million American couples trying to conceive. As couples celebrate love on February 14th, Dr. Janet Lever feels it’s important that people bring romance to their Valentine’s Day plans with a long romantic get-away weekend for fun filled baby-making.

“Get away from the house, the job, the dogs and cats and especially the to-do list. Our book lists close-by weekend get-away places all over the country and provides suggestions you can request likedouble shower heads, oversized soaking tubs and sensual massages”

The co-author ofGet-away Guide to the Great Sex Weekendoffers tips to help trying to conceive (TTC) couples get out of the doldrums and rekindle that marriage spark for an exciting Valentine’s celebration. “Get away from the house, the job, the dogs and cats and especially the to-do list. Our book lists close-by weekend get-away places all over the country and provides suggestions you can request like double shower heads, oversized soaking tubs and sensual massages,” says Lever.

For couples who are trying to get pregnant, a Valentine’s weekend get-away might coincide with the woman’s “fertile window”, the time frame with the greatest chances of ovulation. The fertile window is when the egg is ready for a sperm cell –5 days prior, plus on the day of ovulation. For women whose periods are regular, most ovulate on the 14thday after their period begins. According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, TTC couples can also optimize their chances of pregnancy by having sex every 1-2 days, starting soon after the woman’s period and continue to have intercourse at least 3 times a week throughout the month.

While having more sex isn’t a bad “assignment,” planned intercourse can be a challenge for some couples. A woman can get dry, even though there is some increased natural lubrication during the ovulatory period. However, many couples are not aware thattraditional lubes can be toxic to sperm.

Many fertility experts advise using aPre-SeedFertility-Friendly personal lubricant to ease dryness and increase fun when trying to get pregnant.Clinical studiessupport the fact that Pre-Seed is completely safe to use when trying to conceive. Pre-Seed was developed by doctors to mimic a woman’s fertile fluids and it is often used by fertility clinics, but it is now available atmost national retailers and drug stores. Each box of Pre-Seed comes with applicators that deposit the lubricant close to the cervix to createan optimal environment for sperm.

Even if baby making is the main agenda for the weekend, Dr. Lever adds that romance still should be given its due. And that doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. “Some of the most precious Valentine’s gifts are homemade. Try making a photo collage, video, or photo album that captures your unique love story or burn a CD of favorite music you’ve shared,” says Lever. “Find a yummy gourmet grocer and pick out finger foods that you can enjoy with your favorite wine orlast sip of pre-pregnant champagne in the privacy of your hotel suite or cook your favorite meal together. Think about addingsome whimsy withnatural’aphrodisiacs’like chocolate, hot chilies, garlic, oysters, and pomegranates! Add a personal touch and bring someflowersfor the roomand add anaromatherapy candlemade with massage oil and nourishing body balm. Give each other a massage; and see where the massage takes you.”

Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to celebrate love with some seriously fun baby–making. Pack your weekend get-away bag and don’t forget the romantic gifts, food and Pre-Seed.

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