New Clinical Guideline Affirms Pre-Seed as “Sperm Safe” Lubricant

Multinational research team sets guidelines for products to be labeled “sperm safe,” helping couples select the right lubricant when they are trying to conceive

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new clinical guideline by researchers from six countries states thatPre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricantis considered sperm safe foruse by couples trying to conceive. The guideline,“What Should It Take to Describe a Substance or Product as ‘Sperm Safe,’”appears in volume 19, number 1 ofHuman Reproduction Update, published on behalf of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

“a statement of ‘sperm-safe’ for a substance should indicate that all possible end-points have been evaluated and that there is adequate evidence that they are not affected”

The authors of the guideline, led by David Mortimer, PhD, President of Canada’sOozoa Biomedical, include researchers and physicians from universities, university hospitals and fertility laboratories in Australia, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The premise for their work was that “there are numerous products that are intended for exposure to spermatozoa where there is nothing documented or known, only a general assumption of ‘safety’ based on the absence of any evidence of actual harm.” The guideline includes an extensive scientific literature review of numerous products as they affect sperm motility and vitality.

The guideline notes that lubricants and moisturizers represent “a particularly interesting category of products that are specifically intended for use by couples who are trying to conceive and are suffering from vaginal dryness.” The guideline says that careful consideration must be given to ensure the formulations and manufacturing of lubricants are ‘sperm safe.’ For example, some water-based lubricants contain high concentrations of glycerol, which has been shown to be toxic to sperm. Even common “home remedies” such as baby oil or canola oil contain by-products that can limit sperm function. After extensive analysis the authors concluded that “only the few ‘intimate moisturizers’ specifically intended for use by couples who are trying to conceive and which have been specifically formulated to be compatible with spermatozoa and sperm function, and proven safe by rigorous validated testing procedures, can be considered as ‘sperm-safe’, e.g. Pre-Seed.”

Specifically identifying Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant as sperm safe is a critical finding of this new guideline, illustrating the special formulation that sets Pre-Seed apart. Common lubricants damage sperm because they have the wrong pH and are not “isotonic,” meaning they have high salt or ion levels that dehydrate sperm and stop them from swimming. Pre-Seed solves this problem with a natural formula that is balanced to match fertile cervical mucus in pH, osmolarity and consistency, and thus does not harm sperm.

The authors emphasize that “a statement of ‘sperm-safe’ for a substance should indicate that all possible end-points have beenevaluated and that there is adequate evidence that they are not affected,” which they note should be demonstrated by studies published in peer-reviewed journals as supported by sperm-specific testing. Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant has been clinically shown to be sperm safe in a number of studies that have appeared in authoritative publications likeFertility and Sterility, an official publication of theAmerican Society for Reproductive Medicine. Recent research has shown that Pre-Seeddoes not compromise sperm qualityandwas not toxic to sperm in any quantity.

These findings should be especially helpful for couples who are trying to conceive. Many women experience vaginal dryness, so personal lubricants are often used during intercourse. Now, couples will know which lubricants are “sperm safe.” Pre-Seed is clinically shown to be a fertility-friendly lubricant developed by doctors and used by fertility clinics. Pre-Seed comes with applicators to deposit the unique lubricant internally, where it coats the vagina and external cervix to best mimic a woman’s own natural fluids creating an optimal environment for sperm.

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